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A DRIVER has revealed his neighbour's truly shocking excuse for parking, sparking debate online.

The Reddit user in the US shared a picture of the Hyundai parked across two different parking spaces and several feet from the kerb.

"Every single time my neighbor parks, he parks like an a**hole," the user wrote. "He's also about 3ft in front of the curb."

One commenter replied: "Parks like he's drunk. Possibly an a**hole, drunk for sure."

Parking rows can frequently boil over – especially when neighbours are involved.

Last month, a furious homeowner left an angry note on a neighbour’s car – slamming the driver for "blocking" a lane.


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The cardboard sign was attached to the windscreen of a vehicle in Spey Terrace, Edinburgh blasting the motorist for their poor parking.

According to the Daily Record, the car had been left with the bonnet sticking out of the entrance of the small road on Friday morning.

The area is notorious for tight parking spaces and only has room for on-stream traffic and a select number of parked cars.

Seemingly, one neighbour could not hide their fury with the accused motorist as they left the note in plain sight for all to see.

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In bold letters, the note read: "Pls move your car. It's blocking the lane."

Another neighbour from hell was snapped parking his car idiotically across an entire footpath.

A riled resident was left baffled by where the motorist had left their vehicle while their long driveway was left empty.

He shared a snap of the local's puzzling parking position with Reddit users while venting his frustrations.

It showed a silver car slotted across the pavement while its back end jutted out into the road.

And apart from a row of vehicles left in a line across the street, the driver had dumped his right in the path of pedestrians.

The furious Reddit user wrote: "The way my neighbor parks even tho there’s no one parked in the driveway or in the street."

Possibly an a**hole, drunk for sure

Meanwhile, this month, a selfish driver was shamed after parking across two spaces at a shopping centre.

While entering the mall's car park on Sunday morning, a visitor spotted a black Jaguar straddling the white line.

But in the space of 30 minutes, the woman saw other shoppers taking revenge on the car at Belconnen Westfield in Canberra, Australia,

She said: "I love how petty Canberrans can be."

Annoyed mall-goers decided to leave their trolleys around the vehicle.

In one photo, it appears five trolleys had been gathered and linked around the car.

Back in the UK, a "selfish" Land Rover driver was slammed online for blocking the entire pavement in a bid to avoid parking on double yellow lines.

The man was snapped in the act as he dumped the motor on a walkway in Birstall, Leicestershire.

He appeared to have been trying to avoid parking on double-yellow lines when he pulled up in his Defender, the Leicester Mercury reports.

And plenty of locals have now had their say on his parking – with members of the Spotted Birstall Facebook group branding it "another example of idiot parking".

The villager who posted the snap said there were two parking spaces available just feet away.

They blasted: "I wouldn't normally bother taking a picture but he had two other options of places to park and he parks right next to the wall."

And another "selfish" driver's parking divided opinion after their car was plastered with notes by a furious homeowner.

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The parking blunder left the driver's car covered in furious letters and duct tape when they blocked a skip due for collection.

All of the angry notes were hilariously titled: "SELFISH IDIOTIC PARKING!!!"

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