My neighbour parks his Mercedes so close to my front door it's a struggle to leave the house – next time I'm kicking it | The Sun

A RESIDENT has been left fuming after a neighbour keeps parking so close to their doorway that they struggle to get out.

The homeowner took to the internet to share a photo of the driver’s poor parking which was taken from inside their property.

The picture appears to show the neighbour has parked their white Mercedes on a shared driveway, with just enough space for one person to get past.

While the snap does appear to show a gap, it would seem to be a very tight squeeze for anyone with a pram, bike or mobility scooter.

The annoyed resident took to Reddit’s mildlyfuriating forum to created the post "This is how our dentist neighbours park. Struggled to get outside without kicking his car but made it” and included the picture.

The writer of the post added: "Next time I won’t be that gentle."

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However the post left commentators deeply divided on the issue as they discussed if the complaint was fair or not.

Many people shared the anger felt by the poster who shared it.

One person said: "I’d accidentally fall into it.”

While another added: "Leave a note, if it still happens then take a run up in your hall and start rolling over the bonnet."

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A third person wrote: "Usually i would say get it towed but are you even allowed to do that here?"

Others though were less sympathetic.

One commentator said: "You struggled to get through that 3 foot walking space?"

"Have you ever heard of a sidestep? They are quite useful in 'tight' spaces," they added.

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Another chipped in with: "There seems to be plenty of room to get by, just not comfortably."

A different commenter said: "Get a bus through there to be fair."

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