Mum’s side hustle allows her to earn extra £250 a month from home

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Wendy Slater-Ferguson, 51, from Barmouth, Gwynedd, Wales is a mum of three and a direct seller for Clean Living International which allows her to take home an extra £250 per month for a few hours of work. With no prior sales experience, Wendy says she is “absolute proof” that anyone can step out of their comfort zone and start a new side hustle.

Almost half of Britons are looking at starting a side hustle this year as many people struggle to make ends meet during the cost of living crisis.

While making more money is usually the main reason for starting a side hustle, flexible hours and being able to work from home are also usually high on people’s agenda.

Mum of three Wendy told she has worked as a teacher and carer and has never had any sales experience.

She said: “I am absolute proof anyone can do this!”

Wendy continued: “No sales experience, no idea about anything direct sales related or about cleaning products beyond the fact I cleaned.”

The mum loves her new role because it allows her to fit her work around her children and caring responsibilities.

She explained: “I feel proud of my work as I have always felt it’s crucially important to provide a positive role model for my three children.

“This role has allowed me to do that with the massive advantage of allowing superb work life balance as I can choose to work when it fits around my job as mum.”

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The extra income also allows her to pay for the odd luxury and treat such as meals out and extra gifts for the kids on their birthdays.

Direct selling side hustles can be ideal for pensioners or parents who need flexible working hours.

Liz Cooke, 62, told how she is making an extra income to supplement her state pension and loves being able to treat herself and her family with the extra money she makes.

She used to run her own interior design business but is now enjoying a more relaxed pace of life.

Liz told “It supplements my pension and I run my Clean Living Int business part-time, which means I still have the flexibility and free time available to spend with my two daughters, 30 and 32, and their husbands, which is incredibly important to me and is something that a full-time job would not allow.

“My daughters live in London and Bristol so we can spend regular amounts of precious time together, whether that be shopping days, meals out, spa days together or simply walking the dogs in a local park.

“None of which would be possible if I worked in a regular 9-5 kind of job.

“The money I earn now allows me to continue enjoying those things and live the same lifestyle that I otherwise might not have been able to if I was completely reliant on my pension income.”

While an extra income was also appealing to Wendy in Wales, she says it has also given her the confidence to follow her lifelong dream to live by the sea.

Now she is planning to put any extra money she earns into restoring her seaside Victorian house.

She concluded: “I am an enthusiastic open water swimmer and this work also allows me to swim in the sea daily as I literally plan around tides and weather.

“The beach is at the end of my road – a fact I still have to pinch myself about!”

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