Mrs Hinch fans share 44p ‘game-changing’ hack to remove permanent marker stains

Mrs Hinch cleaning hack fans say gets rid of black mould

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Mrs Hinch rose to fame on social media after she started to share unusual cleaning tips and tricks. Now, followers of the Instagram sensation share their own hacks, including how to remove permanent market from walls and sofas.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Chantell Ruddy wrote: “My little boy has drawn all over my mum’s wall with permanent marker.

“Is there anything that can get this out?”

The group member then shared a video of the permanent marker which was in various locations over a large white wall.

Removing permanent marker can be hard, and it is important to know how and when to do so.

It is best to leave the pen to dry first before attempting to clean it away.

If rubbed too hard, the paint underneath may also be removed, especially if using abrasive cleaners.

Taking to the comments, Mrs Hinch fans recommended a variety of tips, including using mayonnaise.

Christine Allinson wrote: “Try mayonnaise.”

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Deborah Conte said: “Mayonnaise will do the trick.”

Elizabeth Smith commented: “I’ve been in your situation before and tried the mayonnaise trick. 

“Bought the cheapest one I could find, 44p from Asda, and it was game-changing.

“Wouldn’t recommend using it all the time but it definitely works well.”

Mayonnaise’s oil content along with its high vinegar content is thought to penetrate permanent marker stains.

Mrs Hinch fans recommended placing a scoop of mayonnaise onto the stain and rub it slightly before leaving for five minutes.

After it is best to remove with kitchen roll, making sure it is removed very carefully.

Other group members suggested using antibacterial hand gel.

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Mariah Cole said: “Use hand sanitiser. Don’t rub it in, just dab.”

Melanie Knowles wrote: “Try hand sanitiser or hair spray, works well.”

Jenny Mason also recommended using hand gel to lift the stain.

Alcohol-based sanitisers work my reading with the ink, allowing it to be wiped off easily.

It is recommended to cover the entire ink stain with hand sanitiser before letting it sit for 30 seconds and wiping away with a soft cloth.

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