Mrs Hinch fan shares the best cleaning hack to remove smears from windows

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Mrs Hinch fans often rave about different cheap products that they find. Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook group, one cleaning fanatic asked what the best window cleaning product was. They wrote: “Is this any good for windows as I can always see streaks on mine and its driving me crazy??”

The woman then shared a photo of the Minky M Cloth which is designed for cleaning glass and windows.

Hundreds of Mrs Hinch fans rushed to the comments to explain how they used the cloth.

One said: “It’s amazing!! I bought one earlier in the week and today cleaned all my windows and mirrors and they’re all streak free. Works well with astonish window and glass cleaner.”

Another commented: “Yes! Perfect cloth for the job, team it up with elbow grease glass cleaner and you’ll be amazed! That’s my dream team for windows and mirrors.”

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The company behind the cleaning cloth says: “M Cloth Glass & Window is made from millions of tightly woven high density microfibres, which quickly remove dirt and grease from windows and other glass surfaces.

“It’s generous size makes light work of large surface areas, leaving a crystal clear finish every time.”

Another cleaning fan explained how she even uses it to clean her shower screen which often gets dirty.

The cloth can be purchased from many shops including B&M and supermarkets.

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It costs around £2.49 but fans have seen it retailing for less when on sale.

You can use the cloth dry or wet and team it with a glass cleaner for perfect smear free windows.

Mrs Hinch uses a £1 cleaning product to clean her window panes to remove grease and grime.

Windows can often accumulate grease which can be hard to clean because of all the small crevices there are.

She uses Elvis Elbow De-Greaser which costs £1 and can be purchased from supermarkets like Tesco.

Tesco says: “Elbow Grease is formulated to remove grease and oil in all situations.

“It is ideal for removing grease spots from fabrics and porous materials, for removing grease from the kitchen surfaces and for cleaning oily surfaces such as engines and machinery.”

Sophie says you just need to spray it onto the window panes and leave it for a few minutes.

Then wipe it away with a cloth or sponge to reveal sparkling window panes.

One Mrs Hinch fan told Facebook to forget about cleaning products, and shared her hack to clean windows that involves tea bags.

She explained how placing a few tea bags in hot water, waiting for them to cool down and then using that mix is better than any cleaning spray.

The fan then transfers the liquid to a trigger spray bottle and uses it on her windows before wiping it off with a microfibre cloth.

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