Mrs Hinch fan shares cheap oven cleaning product to remove grease and grime

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Mrs Hinch fans have recently set up dedicated cleaning Facebook pages where they post cleaning finds with each other. Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips page, one fan shared a cheap product that removed grease and grime from her oven as well as the racks. 

The cleaning fanatic wrote: “I am so so pleased with my oven! It looks almost new! 

“I didn’t take a before picture but there was more grease than I even knew was in there!

“Put this liquid on the racks and in the oven before work this morning and cleaned it out after work.”

The woman then shared a photo of the cleaning product she used which was the Elbow Grease Oven Cleaning Kit. 

The cleaning kit consists of a plastic bag and a cleaning solution in which the woman put the racks into and titled the bag until the racks were coated in the solution.

She then left them for several hours before scrubbing them but the company behind the cleaning product says leaving it overnight will provide best results. 

The Mrs Hinch fan explained how she picked this product up from B&M for just £1.99.

It is also available in other shops like Home Bargains as well as being able to purchase it on Amazon. 

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Fans were quick to rush to the comments to ask questions and share with each other how they use the cleaning kit. 

One person asked: “I just did my racks with this, did you use the solution for inside the oven as well, and did you leave it on?”

The Mrs Hinch fan replied: “Yes it says to use 2/3 solution in the bag with racks and 1/3 solution in oven and use sponge to cover it.

“Left it all day while I was at work then cleaned down.”

She added some after shots of her oven to the feed which showed a pristine oven with no grease or grime in sight. 

Another fan of the product said: “I’ve always used that every 4 to 6 weeks. It’s so fab.”

The company behind the cleaning kit also have a variety of different products, one of which is Mrs Hinch’s favourite cleaning spray.

The Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser is loved by the cleaning guru as well as many of her followers.

Mrs Hinch uses the product to clean her window panes as it is an all purpose spray that can be used on a variety of different surfaces including fabrics, metals and plastics. 

Sophie says you just need to spray it onto the window panes and leave it for a few minutes to let the product work. 

Then wipe it away with a cloth or sponge to reveal sparkling window panes.

The product can be purchased from supermarkets like Tesco as well as B&M and Home Bargains. 

Retailing for just £1, Tesco said: “Tesco said: “Elbow Grease is formulated to remove grease and oil in all situations.

“It is ideal for removing grease spots from fabrics and porous materials, for removing grease from the kitchen surfaces and for cleaning oily surfaces such as engines and machinery.”

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