Mrs Hinch cleaning fans share tips for how to get rid of ants

Ants often invade the home in the summer, and can cause havoc in bathrooms, kitchens, any rooms. One Mrs Hinch fan asked fellow followers of the cleaning Instagram icon for their tips on Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips.


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Mrs Hinch fans piled in with a whole host of tricks to try and send the pests packing.

One had a method that worked in her own home.

She wrote: “A couple of weeks ago I got a few appearing in my living room. I freaked out as never had them before. None of those natural remedies worked.

“So I got two ant baits and put powder all around my skirting boards and all around the outside of my house. Job done. Probably went overboard but hey, who wants them in their house?”

Another found the same solution worked when many others hadn’t.

She said: “We had a big problem with ants in our old house, they were coming in through a crack under the front door.

“I bought some ‘Ant Stop bait stations’ I think they are called, they were fab.

“They attract the ants to it so we had loads for about a day and then they take the poison back to the nest.

“We never saw any after that. For years I tried all sorts of things like talc, boiling kettle water, salt. Nothing worked for us except that.”

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Others recommended a product called Fabulosa. Is it a disinfectant sold in the UK.

One said: “White vinegar nor any powder works for me. They always come back.

“Spraying Fabulosa Electrify got rid of them – kills the instantly.”

Another woman wrote: “Fabulosa, mop floors and spray carpets. I’ve had the same problem. Since I’ve done this I’ve not seen any. Thing is with ant powder etc it leaves nasty white marks usually.”


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A number of other Mrs Hinch fans recommended cinnamon, with one writing: “Cinnamon. Sprinkle on the door thresholds, tracks. I do this each spring when they try to come visit me.

“After a week I vacuum and wipe it all up.”

Talcum powder also also commonly advised, as well as vinegar.

Eucalyptus mint oil was also recommended, as one user claimed ants hate the smell.

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The star has 3.5million followers, who even post their own cleaning tricks on social media after discovering new ways to get rid of stubborn marks and stains.

Showing off her organised cleaning products which were all in labelled boxes and categorised into cloths, sprays and different bottle types, Mrs Hinch got to work on her bathroom with three main products.

The star donned pink rubber gloves before using Flash Bathroom Spray, £1, for the sink, and the liquid version of Flash Bathroom, £2.50 for her bath.

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