Motorists left baffled by mind-bending optical illusion that shows disappearing road – but all is not as it seems

A MIND-BOGGLING optical illusion appearing to show a disappearing road has left motorists baffled.

Storseisundet Bridge in Norway is built in such a way that from a certain angle it looks like you will be driving off a steep edge into the abyss.

Also known as the drunken bridge, it seems to have a different shape from whichever angle you view it which is what makes it so special.

However, despite its mind-bending appearance, the bridge is perfectly safe and you will not plummet into the icy depths 23 metres below.

Once drivers start to cross, it reportedly seems to disappear in front of you as you continue on your journey.

It sits on the five-mile Atlantic Ocean Road which was constructed in 2005 and has become hugely popular with admiring tourists.

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The road connects the mainland Romsdal peninsula to the island of Averøya in Møre og Romsdal county.

The bridge itself is paved and was opened on 7 July 1989.

Here's what it looks like from another angle.

As you can see it looks perfectly normal from a different perspective which will ease the fears from nervous motorists.

The world-renowned construction is surrounded by beautiful, untouched nature which also draws tourists in numbers.

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The cantilever bridge measures 260 metres in length and is the longest of the eight bridges that make up the Atlantic Road.

In what shouldn't be a surprise it has also been dubbed "the road to nowhere".

The famed architecture has also featured in television adverts due to its wacky shape.

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