Meghan McCain endorses suggestion Bari Weiss fill in for her on 'The View' during maternity leave

Domenech on resignation of Bari Weiss: NYT leaders beholden to Twitter mobs of all kinds

Melissa Francis and Ben Domenech discuss the resignation of New York Times opinion editor Bari Weiss

"The View" co-host Meghan McCain has backed former New York Times opinion editor Bari Weiss to take McCain's place on the talk show when she goes on maternity leave later this year.

Earlier this year, McCain announced that she was having her first child with husband and The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech. While it is unclear who would fill in for the outspoken conservative once she has her baby, Decider reporter Claire Spellberg suggested on Tuesday that "The View" should pick "the media's (other) favorite villain."

"It’s clear that Weiss, with her provocative takes and fervent critics, has the stuff to fill McCain’s seat, even just for a few weeks,"  Spellberg wrote. "If McCain is a firecracker, Weiss is the match that makes it go boom."

Spellberg explained that Weiss, who has previously filled in as a guest host on ABC's daytime staple, has proven that "she has the TV bonafides to deftly switch between political, pop culture, and lifestyle topics, a skill required of all daytime hosts."

"Logistics aside, let’s put all the cards on the table: it’s Weiss’ politics and persona that make her most attractive to ABC execs looking to temporarily replace McCain. While McCain may consider her friend a 'liberal Democrat,' Weiss would likely disagree with that label," explained Spellberg, who went on to quote Weiss describing herself as a "left-leaning centrist."

She continued, "Regardless of how you feel about [McCain's] politics, the outspoken conservative is the big kahuna of 'The View,' and she deserves to be replaced with an equally large personality. Now that she has some free time on her hands, Bari Weiss seems like a no-brainer for the spot."


On Tuesday evening, McCain stumbled upon the opinion piece and appeared to offer her endorsement of the idea.

"FWIW – I love the idea of @bariweiss filling in for me when I go on maternity leave…" McCain tweeted.

Weiss shook the media landscape last month by going public with her scathing resignation letter to Times publisher A.G. Sulzberger.

In the letter, she claimed colleagues bullied her for her opinions and claimed Twitter had become the paper's "ultimate editor."


"The reason that Twitter is the assigning editor of The New York Times is because the printing press isn't the printing press anymore. It's because the printing press is in each one of our pockets. These technologies have severed our relationships with the editors and the newspapers we used to rely on," Weiss explained on "Real Time with Bill Maher" last week.

"What I mean by that is in order to do our job well, writers and editors, we need to have a level of bravery and thick skin and fearlessness," she added. "And when you're living in fear of an online mob, you know, all it takes is a dozen people to repeat a lie about you — that you're a racist, that you're a transphobe, that you're a bigot – for that lie to become true and that's extremely dangerous."

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