Meet the 18-year-old professional Fortnite player worth nearly £3million

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Now, the YouTube gaming star has over four million subscribers and an estimated income of £2,133 per video after only starting his channel in 2018. The American was first introduced to Fortnite by his father and soon signed with eSports organisation ‘Sentinels’ in March 2019 as a member of their Fortnite team.

Kyle gained his screen name from a nickname his grandfather had for him when he was younger: Bugha.

Once qualifying to join the team and participate in the first ever Fortnite World Cup in 2019, Kyle went on to place first, earning him the $3million (£2.2million) prize money, most of which has now funded majority of his net worth.

Following his great achievement, with almost double the amount of points of the second-place winner, Epic Games created an in-game skin with incredible likeness to Kyle’s own aesthetic.

This accomplishment put Kyle in the same league as household names like football player Neymar and streamer Ninja, both of which also have their own skins.

However, it hasn’t all been digital glory for the young millionaire, mere hours after winning the world cup, Kyle’s Twitted and Twitch accounts were hacked.

The hackers attempted to gain their own Twitter followers, riding off the back of Kyle’s internet fame, whilst also tweeting vulgar remarks.

Since then, Kyle has also created a short film titled ‘Bugha – Stories From the Battle Bus’ which follows his journey up to that pivotal win that changed his life, and his reaction to each step on that road.

He has also won Best eSports Athlete at the 2019 Game Awards and was nominated for the Shorty Best in Gaming Award.

Now, his income is healthily supplemented by YouTube videos and Twitch streams where he keeps millions of viewers captivated by offering game walkthroughs, playing and sharing insight into his settings and gaming setup.

Some viewers are so heavily invested in Kyle’s techniques that detailed lists of the gear, software and parameters he uses to play are easily available online for fans to try in the hopes of emulating his gaming victories.

A merchandise line also feeds Kyle’s net worth, spanning a variety of items from shirts and beanies to gaming gear.

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