Marvel Snap nerfs game’s most powerful card – and buffs one fan favourite | The Sun

MARVEL SNAP has released its 11.18 update, which will change up competitive play on the most popular card.

Overall performance issues have been fixed, and changes to two cards hoping players will change up their decks.

The card Leader has received a significant nerf, after it has been overused in a number of decks.

Leader used to copy all your opponent’s cards on the field. 

This was particularly strong at the end of the match, and it almost ensured victory for the user.

Since the update, Leader will only copy the cards at the location to its right, making it a third as powerful as it used to be.

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The team were unhappy with Leader’s effect on play, as it shut down the use of other powerful cards.

The update reads: “We’re not happy with some of the card choices and play patterns he encourages, especially his strength against some other cool 6-cost cards.”

One of Marvel’s most popular heroes, Wolverine, saw hardly any play in Marvel Snap, something the developers hope to fix.

The team said: “Wolverine sees virtually no play at the moment, which is a bummer given how iconic he is.”

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Once destroyed, Wolverine will gain a +2 buff to its power, which will make it a popular card to use.

Many players use destruction decks, which rely on destroying your own cards so that they can come back stronger.

The new buff will make Wolverine one of the strongest cards for this type of play, and developers expect it to get a lot more use.

Marvel Snap will also introduce Battle Mode, a new mode which will allow you to choose who you play against.

Currently, matchmaking is done based on your level, hoping to match you with random other players around your skill.

Soon you will be able to challenge friends and family to a game of Marvel Snap, no matter the difference in level.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GLHF.

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