Martin Lewis shares best energy deals – you could save over £300 a year but act fast

Martin Lewis, 47, has made a living out of providing unique insight and advice for savers across the UK. His advice covers a huge array of financial topics including pensions, mortgages and even energy deals.


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In recent weeks, the price of oil has seen dramatic falls in value and has even dropped below zero for the first time in history.

This will have huge ramifications for the world’s economy but it will have a positive effect on the humble energy consumer.

The Money Saving Expert explained how this works in practice: “Oil prices are at historically low levels, and last week the global sump slump meant that for a day last week the US oil price was negative.

“This feeds into switchers’ prices for gas and electricity, with many deals at their cheapest for about 3 years”

In much needed good news, Martin revealed that there are actually a number of options available at the moment for cheaper deals.

This provides customers with a welcome amount of choice from both large and niche providers.

The “Cheapest fix with decent service” (according to Martin Lewis) comes from Green Network Energy.

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As he revealed: “The Green Network Energy GNE Spring Sunrise V4 tariff is on average the cheapest fixed deal with decent service, based on typical use (only beaten by a firm with a poor service rating).

“Plus you’ll get £25 MSE dual-fuel cashback (£12.50 for elec-only).”

There are also cheap options available from some of the “big six” energy companies at the moment.

British Gas is currently offering 100 percent renewable electric + ‘free’ boiler cover, potentially saving an average of £335 a year.


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Martin explained how this would work but also provided a bit of a warning for consumers: “The Energy and Boiler Cover May 2021 dual-fuel one-year fix for newbies is one of the cheapest big six deals on average, based on typical use. Plus you get £25 MSE cashback.

“Homeowners get ‘free’ boiler cover for one year if you don’t already have it.

“However, it automatically renews at about £2.50/mth after, even if you leave the tariff – so remember to cancel it if you don’t want it.”

However, the cheapest big six deal comes from E.on.

As he concluded: “The E.on Fix 1 Year Exclusive April 2020 tariff for newbies is the cheapest big six deal on average, based on typical use.

“Plus you’ll get £25 MSE dual-fuel cashback (£12.50 for elec-only).

“It’s an exclusive tariff, so you can only get it via us and MoneySupermarket (we’re part of the same group) until Thursday 7 May.”

Full details of these plans and their terms and conditions can be found on

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