‘Makes them white’: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘dishwasher’ method to remove stains from pillows

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Cleaning influencer Mrs Hinch rose to fame when she started sharing her cleaning tips online. Now, her fans share their own hacks on Facebook pages. Cleaning enthusiast Amanda Day asked for advice on how to remove the yellow marks from her pillows.

She shared: “Hey everyone! I’m looking for some advice if possible!

“My husband’s pillowcase is always going yellow!

“We wash them weekly but I cannot get them white again!

“Do you have any tips or do I need to buy darker pillowcases for my sanity?”

Many users recommended a method that consists of adding dishwasher tablets to the washing machine when washing the pillows.

Susan Wallis Moore explained: “Dishwasher tablets in the washing machine drum.”

Kathryn Arbuckle Thomas then asked her: “Do you use washing detergent as well?” to which user Shell Bradshaw replied: “No, just the tablet.

“I use them in my white wash all the time.”

Another cleaning enthusiast, Tracy Donohue, explained: “It will not stop, it’s the oils or moisturiser your hubby uses.

“Any lights or whites I now put a dishwasher tablet in my drum plus the usual detergents.”

Samantha Nicholas agreed: “A dishwasher tablet in the wash makes mine lovely and white and my pillows go this colour too.”

Nichola Medhurst Robinson also recommended the dishwasher hack.

She said: “It’s because of sebum.

“Normal washing doesn’t remove all of the grease.

“Oxygen bleach should remove it, or if that fails soak in dishwasher powder. That will get rid of it if it’s really bad.”

“I use dishwasher tablets in white washes – along with the normal washing powder and liquid.

“I also dry them outside.

“My dad has always sworn by drying what’s outside and that the sun naturally bleaches them!” Emma Day commented.

Fiona Mcadam also recommended “soda crystals or dishwasher tabs”.

“My husband’s pillowcases are exactly the same it’s just sweat or greasy hair but it doesn’t look nice on the pillowcases,” she said.

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