Major car manufacturer discontinues popular model – as prices RISE for new hybrid set to replace it | The Sun

A MAJOR car manufacturer has reportedly discontinued a popular model – and the prices for its hybrid replacement have risen.

Analysis of pricing data by Cars Direct indicated that the motors giant will be scrapping a version of its beloved pickup truck.

The report claimed that an increase in price in Ford's 2024 lineup indicates that the F-150 hybrid will be four-wheel drive only going forward.

Until this year, there has been a two-wheel drive model on offer, but this is not set to be phased out.

The company confirmed that the F-150 XL would not be produced going forward, with the XLT now the base model.

This represents a base price increase of over £10,000, with the XLT retailing from around £46,800.


Car firm discontinues Brits’ favourite motor – as another vehicle tops sales

Major car brand discontinues another iconic model

It will be equipped with new features as standard, including a larger display, new safety tech and 5G wireless connectivity.

Ford is yet to confirm that the all-wheel drive system will become the norm, but the price data would indicate it, according to the report.

Meanwhile, the F-150's EV version hit headlines this week, as Ford CEO Jim Farley admitted a major "challenge" with owning one.

In a post on X, formerly Twitter, he said: "

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"Charging has been pretty challenging.

"I stopped at one of the most popular charging sites in the country.

"I went to a low-speed charger and it took me around 40 minutes to get back to 40%.

"It was a really good reality check of the challenges of what our customers go through and the importance of fast charging."

However, a company spokesperson said his comments related to the quality of charging infrastructure in the US and not of the car itself.

It comes after Ford discontinued the UK's favourite motor, the Fiesta, in favour of its new Puma as sales skyrocket.

Meanwhile, competitors VW announced the discontinuation of one of their most iconic models and BMW scrapped two beloved products from the Mini lineup.

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