Lincoln Project mocked for latest 'psychotic' ad against DeSantis and Abbott

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In media news today, the media leads a charge to smear a Rockies fan they falsely accused of using a racial slur, CNN’s Chris Cuomo reportedly urged his brother Andrew to resign, and Stephen Colbert grills Brian Stelter on CNN’s Cuomo scandal

The Lincoln Project faced backlash after posting a new attack ad against Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

On Wednesday, the political group posted an ad intended to smear the Republican governors for opposing mask mandates. The video depicted a masked child attending a school contrasted with the image of a child hooked to a ventilator in a hospital. Captions in the ad read “If you could prevent this, wouldn’t you?” in front of images of DeSantis and Abbott.

“First they asked you to sacrifice your grandparents for the economy, now it’s your children,” the Lincoln Project tweeted.

The ad was quickly called out for exaggerating threats of COVID-19 towards schoolchildren and also as a political tool for raising money.

“You have to give credit where it’s due: they understand how the minds of the weakest and most pathetic liberals function, which is how they’ve been able to fleece so much money from them in exchange for nothing of value, and continue the scam even after all they got caught doing,” Journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote. 

“On one hand, the Lincoln Project is idiotically suggesting people are sacrificing their kids for some politicians. I mean, that’s just stupid,” another user wrote. “On the other hand, you have to enjoy how Lincoln Project wastes stupid liberals’ money. These ads don’t move any votes. Zero.”

The group was also slammed for using children as a political tool after allegations of sexual harassment from their co-founder John Weaver. Earlier this year, the Associated Press revealed that Weaver faced at least 10 sexual harassment allegations some of which were made by minors. 

“That Lincoln Project ad is psychotic even for the Lincoln Project. Also they should probably shy away from accusing others of not protecting children,” Washington Examiner executive editor Seth Mandel tweeted.

“In fairness, the Lincoln Project has far more expertise in endangering children than in successful electoral politics,” writer Drew Holden wrote.

Senior writer of the National Review David Harsanyi said, “There is something mentally wrong with this group.”

The Lincoln Project originally emerged as an anti-Donald Trump coalition of Republicans. Prior to the sexual harassment claims, they received backlash from conservative voices while being routinely promoted as “geniuses” by the mainstream press.

Although the group has been disgraced from the allegations, many mainstream media outlets continue to run ads for the Lincoln Project. Members of the group such as Rick Wilson and Steve Schmidt continue to be featured on CNN and MSNBC programs.

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