Lawrence Jones: Teachers unions refusing to reopen schools leaving children in 'shambles'

Lawrence Jones: Failure to reopen schools leaving our kids in ‘shambles’

FOX Nation host Lawrence Jones blasts teachers unions for being more concerned with money than the children

Fox News political analyst Lawrence Jones joined “The Story” on Wednesday, slamming teachers unions for not following science and refusing to reopen schools, saying our children are being left in “shambles” as a result.

Open up right now because the science says it’s okay. We’ve seen across the country that even when we give them the funding, to get the shots, the funding to get new air filters in the school, they still don’t want to open the schools. This is a matter of the teacher’s union not wanting to get back into the classroom. 

They want to reimagine education. In the process of them reimagining education, we’re seeing the health of our kids go into shambles. The mental health of our kids go into shambles. The abuse of our kids happening in larger numbers across the country. What really hasn’t been discussed is that these kids are going to be six and eight years behind when it’s all said and done.

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