Laura Ingraham: Democrats pushing to criminalize 'an entire political movement in America'

Ingraham: Left targets civil liberties of conservatives

Laura Ingraham examines the left’s attempt to silence all Trump supporters

The Biden administration and congressional Democrats are using last month’s deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol to lay the groundwork to criminalize “an entire political movement in America,” Laura Ingraham warned Tuesday. 

“The January 6th Capitol riot was a gift to Democrats,” began “The Ingraham Angle” host. “It gave them the video in the narrative that they’ve desperately wanted and they needed to justify a crackdown on the civil liberties of all conservatives.”

However, Ingraham added, “you don’t need hearings to know that dedicated men and women of the Capitol Police were overwhelmed and unprepared for a breach.”

The host emphasized that what happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6 was “despicable, criminal and infuriating”, but by the standards of other armed insurrections throughout history, “this one was pretty lame”.

In addition, Ingraham said, “The loss of life that occurred that day is still shrouded in mystery … From the get go, the media saw this tragic day as an opportunity to tar the entire Trump coalition as a bunch of heinous terrorists … We still don’t know anything about Officer [Brian] Sicknick’s cause of death, but we know the entire life story of the idiot in the buffalo getup and face paint.”

The goal of these actions by Democrats, she continued, is to instill fear in Trump voters. 

“If you voted for Trump, if you ever attended a Trump rally or posted support for his America First agenda, you’re complicit in the [Capitol] attack and you need to be shunned from society, lose your job, and you need to be banned from social media indefinitely,” Ingraham said.

“Make no mistake about it,” she concluded, “what we’re witnessing at all levels of society run by liberals is a new Red Scare. But instead of targeting Marxists or communists, they’re fighting Americans in red states.”

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