‘Keeps pipes clean’ Banish unpleasant washing machine smells

How to clean a washing machine effortlessly

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Washing machines can accumulate unpleasant smells which are often caused by a combination of mould, mildew and bacteria. When clothes are put in the machine, oils from our bodies, dirt, hair and scum can get trapped in the gasket, pipes, seal and detergent dispenser.

With this in mind, fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, have shared their hacks for banishing unpleasant smells from washing machines.

The cleaning and lifestyle influencer has more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram and often shares her garden and home tips online.

Fans of hers have taken to social media in recent years to share their own hacks for solving common household problems.

Louise McGough asked: “Best tip for a nice-smelling washing machine, please?

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“Smells of drains. I’ve put white vinegar through it, done 90°C washes etc. Please help!”

The post was inundated with comments from Mrs Hinch fans but the most suggested solution was to use soda crystals.

Sammy Grossman commented: “Soda crystals and a capful of Zoflora on a 90C wash.”

Susan Findlay replied: “Soda crystals in a hot wash.”

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Lorraine Oakley suggested: “Soda crystals in every wash. Keeps the machine and pipes clean and you can still use conditioner.”

Liz Lacki agreed and said: “Put soda crystals in every wash. Helps clean stains and your machine.”

Holly Dempsie wrote: “Clean filter, put soda crystals in every wash in the drawer.

“Put on at 90C with a dishwasher tablet every now and again. Keep the door open.”

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Soda crystals can be bought online or from local supermarkets.

Wilko Original Soda Crystals cost £1.50 for 1.5kg. Sainsbury’s sells Dri Pak Fine Soda Crystals for 80p.

Meanwhile, Dri-Pak Soda Crystals cost £1 from Savers for 1kg.

Other suggestions from Mrs Hinch fans include using a dishwasher tablet, to stop using powder or liquid detergent and to clean the U-bend.

Carol Penman Burden replied: “Dishwasher tablets on a hot cycle smells amazing and cleans at the same time.”

Vikki Pigott commented: “One or two dishwasher tablets in drum on a 60C or 90C wash.

“Always does the trick for me or the lemon Dettol machine stuff you can put through.”

Mizella Eldridge said: “On the advice of a repair man, I stopped using liquid and put powder straight into the drum, no problem at all since and that was years ago.”

Tracey Downing wrote: “I was told by the drain man to stop using powder and use liquid instead as the powder kept clogging up my drains.

“He said he’s always being called out for this same problem. You just don’t know who to believe.”

Tricia Alexander suggested: “If you’re using pods go back to powder, that’s what caused the smell in mine and when I changed back to powder the smell vanished.”

Jade Fielden replied: “Make sure you leave the door open a little after every wash.”

Charlie Hamling commented: “It’s probably your drain, not your washing machine.”

Samantha Sweeting said: “Try cleaning the u-bend where your outlet pipe is connected. I had the same problem, cleaned that out and solved it.”

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