Kamala Harris clash with Charlamagne Tha God reveals much about VP, Biden admin: Fox panelists

Concha: It’s ‘disturbing’ that Harris even had to be asked who’s running the country

Joe Concha, Tammy Bruce, and Alicia Acuna react to Vice President Kamala Harris’s interview with Charlamagne tha God.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ clash this week with TV host Charlamagne Tha God drew a range of reactions Saturday from panelists on Fox News’ “The Big Saturday Show.”

Host Alicia Acuna questioned Fox News contributors Tammy Bruce, Joe Concha and Charlie Hurt during this weekend’s show.

Harris had reacted sharply after Charlamagne provoked the vice president on Comedy Central’s “Tha God’s Honest Truth” by asking her who America’s “real” president is.

“Don’t start talking like a Republican, about asking whether or not he’s president,” Harris reacted. “And it’s Joe Biden, it’s Joe Biden and I’m vice president and my name is Kamala Harris.”

The panelists credited Harris for defending herself and her boss – but also examined the circumstances that led to such a question being asked in the first place.

Tammy Bruce: ‘She didn’t giggle’

“One thing you notice was missing … she didn’t giggle,” Bruce said. “She didn’t laugh through any of that and I think that it sounds like a different language.  I think maybe her biggest problem is, if Joe Manchin was president, she wouldn’t be next in line. But when you’re having to do this kind of argument where you then insist you’re the vice president and you say your name, you’re already losing the argument.

Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce.
(Fox News)

“This is a fascinating display once again, when it comes to temperament, when it comes to having a … really quite defensive. She’s talking to a guy who’s got a lot of influence. This is where you can really win and take over this argument. When you face and expect that question and you handle it with grace and maybe even some humor, without giggling, and really own it, and push back with confidence instead of a weird self-defensiveness.”

Joe Concha: ‘Profoundly scary’

“You know what’s profoundly scary here? … One of the main questions this administration is getting is, ‘Who’s running the country?’ Do any other leaders of any other remotely advanced countries get asked such a question? Does anybody else find that disturbing? …

Fox News contributor Joe Concha
(Fox News)

“Here’s another question being asked: Will a ticket that received 81 million votes – the most in U.S. history – ‘Hey are you running for a second term?’ Because we see a poll this week, 22% of the country … want Mr. Biden to run again. Think about this: We’re not even 11 months since the inauguration and the funeral plans are already being floated for Team Biden.

“And while inflation’s at a 40-year high – that’s horrific – and skyrocketing violent crime … that’s owned by the Democratic Party, and while the border’s anything but secure, it’s this perception of this administration that’s impossible to reverse – a perception that Joe Biden is too old, too incompetent, too disconnected from what’s important to the American people to do the job. And Plan B, Kamala Harris, is more like Plan G – as in Gah!

“This person is not equipped to be commander-in-chief.”

Charlie Hurt: ‘Completely out of touch’

“I think it’s a fair thing for a lot of Americans to seriously question [why Biden sometimes mistakenly refers to Harris, instead of himself, as the president] — not just because of the bizarre things that President Biden says from time to time but also because so many of these decisions are just completely out of touch with what ought to be done or just out of touch with reality. …

“This idea of snapping at the questioner and accusing the questioner of being a Republican reveals not only the testiness on her part, and the desperation on her part, but how out of touch they are.

Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt.

“It’s not Republicans who are so exercised about Joe Manchin right now. It’s Kamala Harris’ own party. It’s the left flank of her party. They’re the ones who so despise Joe Manchin, they think that Joe Manchin has taken control of the country – and of course it’s absurd. It’s 50-some senators who have real serious reservations about this wack-job proposal that the Biden administration is putting forward that’s gonna put inflation on steroids if they go along with it.

“And for her to accuse this guy [Charlamagne] of being a Republican and pushing Republican talking points because he’s concerned about Joe Manchin … “

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