Justin Trudeau Accidentally Creates A Gross New Term For ‘Say It, Don’t Spray It’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dropped some impromptu new terminology Tuesday that nobody seemed to have prepared on their coronavirus briefing bingo cards.

During his daily press conference from outside his home in Ottawa, which is typically a pretty serious affair, Trudeau advised Canadians that they should continue to abide by social distancing guidelines and that wearing a face mask is a good idea because it protects against people “speaking moistly.”

“If people want to wear masks, that is OK, it protects others more than it protects you because it prevents you from breathing or speaking, uh, moistly on them,” he said.

Immediately regretting his word choice, the PM added: “Ugh, what a terrible image.”

Trudeau, who has been isolating at home since his wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, tested positive for coronavirus on March 13, unintentionally delivered a bit of levity to Canadians. Viewers jumped on Twitter to revel in the uncomfortable moment, and some advised they would be adopting the significantly grosser alternative to “Say it, don’t spray it” at this relevant time.

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