Joy for motorists as used car prices soar

SECOND HAND cars have risen dramatically in value – thanks to the new car sales slump causing a supply shortage. 

Several years of sluggish sales along with logistical issues caused by the pandemic and a restricted supply of new cars has seen there has never been a better time to flog a second hand car. 

Since dealers reopened in April, Volkswagen has been the top performer in the second-hand market with average prices for the German manufacturer rising by eight per cent from £19,718 to £21,296. 

Seat takes second place with a seven per cent surge that has seen the average stock price increase from £15,217 to £16,241. 

That’s followed by a six per cent rise in value for Mercedes-Benz vehicles – up from £27,770 to £29,509.  

A snapshot of average stock values on online car marketplace heycar shows the average price of the 2017 Golf 1.0 TSI petrol increased by seven per cent, while 1.5 diesel versions of the Dacia Sandero jumped by 13 per cent.

At the same time the UK’s best-selling car – the Ford Fiesta has also been increasing in value – by five per cent from £13,475 to £14,103. 

Dan Powell, from heycar which produced the data, said: “As car owners in Britain we’ve become accustomed to our vehicles losing value the older they get. 

“But we’re currently facing the almost unprecedented situation where, for many of us, used car values are actually on the rise.

“And that’s very good news indeed for those people who are looking to part exchange. Increasing values gives them the chance to potentially trade up and get their hands on that vehicle that might previously have been out of their reach.” 


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