Jeep's Grand Wagoneer takes luxury off road

(CNN)Stellantis, the international automaker that owns brands like Jeep, Chrysler, Fiat, Ram and Peugeot, has entered into a wide-ranging agreement with Amazon. The deal will put Amazon software in Stellantis vehicles and will also put Stellantis’s electric vans into Amazon’s delivery fleet.

Other automakers have reached similarly wide-ranging agreements in the past year with major tech companies. Ford announced a deal last year with Google to provide data hosting services for the automaker and to provide software for its cars. GM also announced a deal with Microsoft that involved the software company investing in Cruise, the self-driving car company in which GM is also a major investor, while also providing data hosting services to both GM and Cruise.
Amazon and Stellantis will work together on a variety of projects, the companies said in an announcement. Besides in-vehicle software, the deal will include vehicle development work and training for software engineers.

    In-car software developed with Amazon would be available in a sort of in-car app store offering software tailored to the specific brands, according to the announcement. For instance, a Jeep might offer an off-road driving coach or a Pacifica minivan could have entertainment suggestions. The apps could also work with Amazon’s internet-connected home products, such as security cameras and thermostats. The software will begin appearing in production vehicles in 2024, as Stellantis rolls out its own new in-car software platform.

      In a separate arrangement, Amazon has also agreed to become the first buyer of Stellantis’ Ram ProMaster electric vans, expected to go into production in 2023. The vans were designed in collaboration with Amazon.

        Amazon already uses internal-combustion powered Ram and Fiat vans for much of its delivery fleet in the United States and Europe The companies did not say how much money was involved in the deals or exactly how many vans Amazon will buy except that it will be in the thousands annually.
        Amazon is already a major investor in Rivian, which makes electric pickups and SUVs. Amazon has agreed to purchase 100,000 electric delivery vans from Rivian, as well.
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