James Martin home: Inside the Saturday Morning host’s idyllic country home

James Martin says he’ll receive ‘letters’ after slicing butter

TV host and chef James Martin often makes a regular appearance on Britons’ screens on a plethora of cooking programmes. During the first lockdown, the TV chef usually demonstrated his cooking techniques from his own gorgeous country home. But while Britons regularly stole a sneak peek inside the chef’s kitchen, the rest of his home has remained somewhat of a mystery.

Luckily, the star’s Instagram account is full of insights into his home life.


Unsurprisingly, James’ kitchen is slick and homely yet kitted out with all the latest chef gadgets.

The kitchen is often used when he’s filming from home and it is visited by a plethora of famous individuals.

James’ worktops are like those you’d expect in any top quality kitchen.

Made of what appears to be stainless steel, the worktop is sturdy yet stylish.

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During the first lockdown, James actually decorated his kitchen, giving them a lick of gorgeous mocha paint.

The walls were previously green and covered in shelving but he has since removed the shelving and replaced them with a massive clock with Roman numerals.

The clock is black and gold which is a perfect accent to the taupe-coloured paint.

The stainless steel worktop is on an island which has two induction hobs.

Most of his appliances are stainless steel – including the ovens, fridge and freezer.

However, his other kitchen counters appear to be made of black marble.

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James’ cabinets are creamy white in colour and include brushed stainless steel cup handles.

One of his kitchen cabinets also has signatures on it from all his famous guests.

Other details include a stainless steel sink and white tiling behind the sink.


A dog and vegetable-lover, James has an impressive garden.

One photo he shared included a glimpse of a tree-lined path running straight across his lawn.

The path was lined with shrubs and flowers and includes a greenhouse at the end.

Pictures of the greenhouse and the surrounding area show an idyllic garden with bushes, trees and plenty of plants.

Outdoor kitchen

Being a chef, it’s not surprising that James has an outdoor kitchen and pizza oven.

The area includes a white pizza oven, a work bench in the centre, an outdoor oven, blue pendant lights and lots of worktop space.

The kitchen area has wooden beams on the ceiling and outdoor heaters.

Various candles, statues, pots and other knick-knacks are littered across shelves.

Other rooms

There aren’t too many insights into other rooms inside his home.

However, an adorable photo of his dog under a coffee table gives fans a small insight into another room.

The carpet is beige and the coffee table looks to be made of corrugated iron or something similar.

The table has a concrete statue on it and plenty of home magazines.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning will air at 9.30am on ITV.

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