‘It works really well’: Man shares genius hack for drying clothes in small spaces

Top tips for drying your laundry indoors

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Wet laundry can be difficult to dry at this time of year, especially if a home lacks space. For those without a tumble dryer, airing cupboard or room for a large air dryer, it can be tempting to stick clothes on the radiator or leave them on chairs. Joel Thomas, from Liverpool, has shared an ingenious hack to not only save space but dry washing too.

The drying hack has completely transformed his weekly chore routine.

Rather than using a tumble dryer or regular clothes dryer, Joel decided to use his blinds to hang up his washing.

Joel explained to 247 Blinds exactly how he made the hack work.

He said: “My wife had been complaining that she didn’t have enough space to dry our laundry – which is a regular occurrence in our busy home!

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“She was adamant that she didn’t want to buy a clothes horse as we only have a tiny terrace house and already struggle for space.

“I suggested hanging the washing on the venetian blinds above the radiator.

“She was totally against the idea to begin with, worried that the wet washing would end up pulling down our newly-replaced blinds.”

In the end, Joel managed to persuade his wife that the drying hack was a good idea.

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One day, Joel’s wife came home to all their socks and smalls hanging comfortably on the Venetian blind.

He added: “It works really well for smaller items of clothing and underwear and now it’s become a staple part of our weekly washing regime.”

The hack may not be one for everyone as not all homes have, or are suitable for Venetian blinds.

However, for those looking to give the hack a go, Michelle Wall, an interior consultant at 247 Blinds has shared her advice.

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Firstly, homeowners may need to give the blinds a wipe before they start hanging up their washing.

Blinds can easily gather dust and grime if they’re not cleaned easily.

She explained: “Start by giving your blinds a quick wipe to eliminate any dust or dirt from the surface before placing items on top.

“When it comes to hanging, be careful not to place anything too heavy on the blind as this could pull it down, or damage them.”

Hanging up heavy pairs of jeans, shorts, shirts and t-shirts may be too heavy for the blinds.

Michelle advised keeping the weight evenly distributed to “avoid pressure being in one area”.

Another way to save space and hang up items such as bathroom towels is to use a coat rack.

Professional home organiser extraordinaire, Lucy Mansey said if homeowners have an old or unused coat rack, they should move it into the bathroom.

She said: “Often buried under too many jackets and jumpers, the typical tall and thin design of your average coat hanger makes for a not too bulky addition to your bathroom.

“It won’t take up too much space and will mean that you don’t clutter up your radiator.”

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