‘It actually works!’: Mrs Hinch fans share 47p hack to banish ‘stubborn’ toilet limescale

Clean It, Fix It: Maxine cleans limescale in the toilet

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Limescale in the bathroom can be extremely difficult to clean, not to mention when it takes over toilets. Over time, toilet limescale can turn dark brown and can even have an impact on the material of the toilet bowl. Luckily Mrs Hinch fans have taken to social media on dedicated cleaning pages to share their top tips on removing these nasty deposits from toilet bowls.

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Posting on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips page, one woman shared a picture of her heavily limescale toilet that had turned a brownish green colour.

Suzanne Louise captioned the picture asking: “How to get this off the toilet, tried limescale remover, bleach and a 2p coin.”

Limescale is caused by naturally occurring minerals in hard water, leaving a chalky white residue on wet surfaces. 

In a toilet, limescale appears in the form of brown marks due to the mineral deposits in the toilet such as iron, calcium, magnesium and lime will turn the limescale brown or green.

The brown marks in the toilet won’t disappear by themselves, they need to be cleaned. 

According to Mrs Hinch fans, homeowners can use a bottle of cola as an easy way to get rid of limescale in toilets.

Lisa Ebdon said: “Coke. Full fat. Pour the two litre bottle down there and leave overnight.”

Felicity Jenkins commented: “Pour a bottle of cola down the toilet and leave it overnight. In the morning, flush it and it will look new again.”

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Nicola Cole suggested: “Use cola, it actually works. I used it and left it in the bowl for a few hours, then flushed it and the stains were gone.”

Dawn Drodge wrote: “I would try a bottle of Coca Cola and leave overnight.”

Lina Friel replied: “Any brand of cola. Mine was quite bad. I put a whole bottle in overnight and the limescale was completely gone the next morning.”

Becky Frampton added: “I’d get most of the water out and fill it with cola.”

The acidity of cola makes it really useful for cleaning purposes, particularly when trying to break down limescale. 

What’s more, this is a method which will save you having to buy expensive specialist cleaners.

A bottle of cola retails for only 47p at Sainsbury’s and Aldi.

Other Mrs Hinch fans suggested using dishwasher tablets to remove the limescale.

Kim Macintosh said: “Put dishwasher tablet in the back of the toilet.”

Laura Reed commented: “I saw in a cleaning video a woman using a dishwasher tablet to rub it off the limescale.”

Rachel Stewart recommended: “Dishwasher tablets. May take three or four goes but it will get rid.”

Naomi Knights added: “Dishwasher tablets are the best. Leave overnight and flush in the morning.”

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