Inside Anmer Hall – Kate and William’s home where they’re now staying

Queen: Prince William and Kate read tributes at Sandringham

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The new Prince and Princess of Wales, William and Kate, visited the Sandringham estate in Norfolk on Thursday to look at the flowers and cards left in tribute to the late monarch. Thousands of people have visited the estate, where the late Queen traditionally spent Christmas, to pay their respects, with tributes having piled up by the Norwich Gates since news of the Queen’s death was announced last Thursday.

The Prince and Princess arrived at the main gates to Sandringham House in Norfolk shortly after midday on Thursday to view the floral tributes to the Queen and speak with well-wishers.

The pair could be seen shaking hands and collecting flowers from people to place on their behalf.

Where will William and Kate be staying whilst in Norfolk?

Each Christmas when the late Queen would stay at Sandringham, William and Kate would usually spend the festive season on the same estate but in their own private property.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have spent a lot of time in Anmer Hall over the past two years, especially at the start of the pandemic and during the UK’s national lockdowns.

The property was given to Kate and William as a wedding gift when they tied the knot in 2011.

This was likely where the Prince and Princess were staying on Thursday when in Norfolk.

It is their third home, after Adelaide Cottage in Windsor and Kensington Palace in London.

Although Anmer Hall was originally built in 1802, Anmer Hall has drastically changed since, having been given a makeover by the Prince and Princess of Wales.

The property’s interior design has been transformed to Kate’s liking, designed to suit her tastes and desires.

The public have seen glimpses inside Anmer Hall thanks to videos and pictures posted by the Prince and Princess to their social media accounts during the national lockdowns, when they would carry out royal engagements virtually.

While sitting on the sofa in their home’s living room, William and Kate would hold video calls with various people and later broadcast these calls publicly.

In the videos, it was clear to see that one living room featured a soft green sofa decorated with patterned cushions.

Behind the sofa, there was a wooden oak chest of drawers adorned with framed photos of William and Kate with their children.

Huge green plants stood on either side of the chest and the walls behind them were creamy white.

Another room, where the royal couple again sat together during video calls, showed a large white arched doorway and a small painting in a gold frame hanging on the wall.

In one video posted to social media, William sat in a room featuring a fireplace, a small wooden clock, and a wooden sideboard where the Prince had placed the FA Cup Trophy, which he owns.

Refurbing Anmer Hall reportedly cost Kate and William a whopping £1.5million.

The fee isn’t a huge surprise considering how big the property is: the mansion boasts 10 bedrooms and even has a swimming pool and a tennis court.

Describing Anmer Hall, art historian Sir Roy Strong called it a “comfortable, unpretentious Georgian building”.

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