‘I’m going to cry’ British expat overjoyed as he makes over £100,000 in a year

Bargain Loving Brits in the Sun: Volunteers emotional over donation

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The community in Benidorm are always willing to help and “when we are in need, everyone does pull together and it restores your faith in humans”, Des explained.
Since starting the charity, Wayne and Des have put their all in it. They put on fundraisers and perform shows six days a week dancing as a way to raise money.

All donations come to their house which means it is filled with boxes of toothpaste, toothbrushes, pencils, pens, sanitary towels, deodorant etc.

When the charity turned one years old, Wayne and Des put on a fun day as a way to try and hit the £100,000 mark.

Wayne described the fun day as “a mini-Olympics slash gay games, it will be the biggest event I ever pulled off”.

All the events planned cost 60 euros to put together, but due to generous donations, Wayne had over £5,000 worth of prizes.

Games on the day included sack races, tug of war, human hungry hippos and a circuit race in heels.

As a community event, owners from a near by bar held their own raffles to help support Wayne and Des raise money.

They were able to donate 640 euros which took Wayne and Des over the 100,000 euro mark.

Overjoyed Wayne said: “Oh wow, you’ve sent me over my limit. Now I’m going to cry.

“We’ve done over £100,000 in 12 months; I need to go and tell my Des.”

He joked: “That’s it, I’ve had enough. I need my life back now.”

Wayne and Des worked 12 months, seven days a week with no pay and it has now paid off.

Once finding out the good news, Des and Wayne made an announcement to the whole event, thanking everyone for their support over the year.

Des said: “That’s fab isn’t it. 12 months ago, it was just a dream.

“Never in your wildest dreams did I think I would.

“Just shows you how generous people are when they know it’s going where it should be going.

“We’re making big differences aren’t we.”

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