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AN IPHONE EXPERT has shared three top tricks for using your mobile device that will change your phone habits forever.

Uploading the tricks to TikTok, user @howfinity details how you can speed up everyday actions, from writing text to taking screenshots.

Here are the top three hacks that will change how you use your iPhone for good.

Double tap to activate

One of the best shortcuts on iPhone is the double tap function, which – once enabled – allows you to activate a popular iPhone feature by simply tapping twice on the back of your phone. 

And yes, it works even when your phone is wearing a case.\

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To turn it on, go to Settings app in the iPhone’s menu, tap on the Accessibility option and choose Touch. 

All the way at the bottom of the menu you’ll find the Double Tap setting. 

Enable it by picking any of the options on the list, from turning on the flashlight to powering up the camera or even taking a screenshot. 

You can also make it a triple tap, too, if you fancy. 

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More easily navigate text

If you're typing at speed and have made a fair few typos, you can easily navigate your way through the text to make changes by holding down the space bar. 

This enables you to use the keypad area to move around the text more accurately with your finger and go exactly where you want within the copy.

That’s much easier than tapping in the area of the text you’d like to edit.

Copy and paste text from photos

If you want to use the text in an image and copy it into a text or social media post, you can now do so using the iPhone’s camera app.

All you have to do is open your camera app and hover over the image text in question.

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In the bottom right of your screen, a small yellow text icon will appear. 

Tap it and it will give you the option to pull out any of the text from the image to copy and paste.

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