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AN expert mechanic with more than 55 years of experience claims that there are three new electric cars that he wouldn't touch with a 10ft pole.

Scotty Kilmer, with more than five million followers on YouTube, took to social media to explain the reasons why he would never buy these EVs.

He says that Tesla Model X, which costs around £80,000, is a bland, ugly-looking car.

He revealed: "If I was driving this car, I'd want the wings up (doors) in the air so it would look cool.

"Well, when you look inside with the windows open and the doors up in the air, it is cool and wide open, I gotta say.

"There is no door handle to get out, and you have to push the button again, but the button isn't working.


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"I have realised something about these cars, they make their aerodynamic so they go further, and they are relatively low to the ground.

"You're not going to be flying over speed bumps on these babies."

Later, the car mechanic explains why he doesn't recommend buying a BMW i3 – which costs around £32,000.

Scotty said: "Even though it has aerodynamic wheels, the tires are very thin to supposedly get better fuel ratings.

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"Everything is made up of plastic or carbon fibre plastic so that it weighs less and goes further.

"I picked this car 25 miles away. It has a whopping 31 miles of range left, so let's just say it's not a practical car.

"It's also a very small car that's not BMW's clientele. They want big SUVs and big luxury cars. I had a customer who bought a used one for only £20,000 because BMW clientele did not want this car."

At the end of the video, Scotty says that he doesn't like the Tesla Model 3 because the car stops itself without even touching the brake.

He continues: "It has very good acceleration, but this baby's only got 270 horsepower even though it's electric power.

"You can get 1,000 horsepower in a Model X, which would have blown your mind. This is okay, but it's nothing compared to the Model X.

"All Teslas I have tried are nice on a highway because they are smooth, but when you get to a bumpy road, they'll not ride that well because you feel the bumps on the road. It's not particularly smooth, and you really hear them and feel them."

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