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A MOTORS expert has revealed the best cars you can buy for less than £10,000.

The driving whizz from Cars with JB took to YouTube to run through a list of 10 cheap and cheerful rides to bring joy to petrolheads.

Toyota GT86

Coming in tenth, JB said that the Toyota gives drivers a "Mazda-style go-karty feel but in a coupe body shell".

It's actually one of the slower cars on the list, with a 0-60mph time of 7.4 seconds but is more than nifty enough to provide plenty of fun.

Insurance and running costs tend to be cheap and handling very stable, making it an ideal first sports car for aspiring motors nuts.

The cheapest examples come in well below budget at around £8,000.



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VW Golf GTI Mk6

VW Golf GTI Mk6Credit: Handout

The Golf model has been an international best-seller for decades and is one of the most iconic car ranges in history.

It's attraction has always lain in the fact that it can give drivers a rough and ready experience with plenty of speed at a low price point and the GTI Mk6 is no exception.

Its 2-litre inline-four engine is turbocharged to crunch the 0-60 down to just 6.7 seconds and they can be found online for as little as £4,000.

And they may be about to become a little more valuable as VW confirmed it would discontinue the petrol Golf after the Mk8, with the model going fully electric moving forward.

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Mercedes SL500

Mercedes Benz SL 500Credit: Handout

German reliability and plenty of performance are the essence of this beloved convertible.

Mercedes dropped in a chunky 5-litre V8 to carry its sleek frame, generating a sturdy 320 horsepower.

This gives the SL500 an impressive 0-60 of 6.3 seconds, while the handling remains smooth without being overly sanitised.

Older models can be found for around £5,000 but a little more will get you one in better nick.

Mazda 3 MPS

On the Mazda, JB said: "I think the Mazda 3 MPS is one of the most underrated hot hatches on the market.

"For a sensible hot hatch enjoyer it's an excellent car."

It's quicker even than the Merc too with a 5.9 second 0-60.

They retail online for around £5,000 at the bottom end.

Jaguar XK

Jaguar is a name more usually associated with high-end luxury roadsters and racing pedigree.

However, the XK can be picked up for £6,500 and can match the Mazda for speed.

The power comes wrapped up in the curves of classic Jag styling and is sure to set any retro car lover's pulse racing.

Subaru Impreza WRX

The Impreza model is well-renowned in the world of rallying as well and JB described the WRX as "some of the best value for money out there".

They are known for reliability and pure fun.

They may not be as quick as some of the others on the list but when they start at £3,000 you can see why they're a bargain deal.

Nissan 350Z

Picked out as a future classic by JB, the Nissan looks every bit the part with its long bonnet and short backside giving it the appearance of a Porsche 911.

Sleekly designed and quick as the wind, they can also be had for as little as £3,500.

It also offers versatility, with the car as comfortable on a track as it is cruising down the motorway.

Porsche Boxter 987 S

From something that looks like a Porsche, to an actual Porsche, the 987 is some of the best of what the German giant has to offer.

An out-and-out fast sports car for its era, the 987 S can make 0-60 in just 5.2 seconds.

However, they are a little on the pricier side, with more basic examples still clocking in at around £7,400/

BMW M135i

Speaking of German giants, BMW has dominated the sport coupe market with its M series, and the 135i is no exception.

Even quicker than the Porsche despite its greater weight, it is tuned up with Beemer's top-line hardware.

The only issue is that most are automatic, which doesn't quite give drivers the control and road sense that many look for in performance cars.

Nonetheless, at just £6,500 for a decent example, they aren't the most expensive item either.

Audi S5

It's the Audi S5 that tops the list, with JB saying: "The A5 is one of the most beautiful modern designs on any Audi.

"It won a bunch of design awards for it troubles.

"The 4.2-litre V8 is known to be very reliable…which is a massive positive."



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It comes joint quickest with the BMW, but JB gave it the edge as a "fast, useful and good looking daily driver."

The S5 is also a fair bit cheaper, starting at just £4,800.

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