I’m a bus driver – the council fined me £70 for a hilarious reason and I’m having the letter framed | The Sun

A BUS driver has been slapped with a fine for a hilarious reason prompting the bus company to frame the latter.

Bus company Connexions, which operates in West and North Yorkshire, received the penalty charge after one of their buses entered a bus lane in Leeds.

Leeds City Council asked the company to pay a £70 fine in 28 days, reduced if paid within 14 days.

Speaking to the BBC, the owner of the company Connexions bus, Craig Temple said: "I've heard of other companies in the country where it's happened, but it's never happened with us."

"It's a bus that we've not long bought so it's not in our colours yet, but it's still registered as a bus."

Craig sarcastically said the council deserved 'top marks' for the observation and added the fine system doesn't work.

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The fine included a picture of the bus picking up passengers at a bus stop.

It said that the vehicle was fined because it was driving in a bus lane during restricted hours, despite it being a bus.

"I'm going to frame the letter and put it in the office," Mr Temple joked.

Leeds city council has apologised for the error and has cancelled the fine.


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A spokesperson for Leeds City Council told the BBC: "The ticket was issued in error and has now been cancelled.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused."

The fine has gone viral on social media and some users have expressed how surprised they were after finding out that the bus was fined.

One Facebook user said: “Does no one actually review each notice before it is sent out?

"Either the system is automated or someone has forgotten what a bus looks like.”

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