I was given SIX fines worth £180 for driving in a Bristol bus lane – but I haven’t been there in YEARS

A DRIVER was given SIX £180 fines for driving in a Bristol bus lane – even though he hasn't been there in YEARS.

Shocked Dave Benson, 49, was first slapped a £30 fine after CCTV cameras picked up a vehicle with his number plate driving illegally.

But on further inspection, Dave – who drives a moving van – noticed that the car captured was a white Mercedes, and not his truck.

And it came from Bristol, a city Dave – who lives in Blackpool – hasn't been to in three years.

In total, Dave received six of the letters, each with a new fee, making his total a whopping £180.

Speaking to The Mirror, Dave explained: "I first started getting these letters around three months ago. Of course, I was shocked. Also found it humorous, as any idiot can see it's wrong.

"After the fourth one I rang the council and the guy told me I had to reply to each one and basically prove it isn't me."

He thinks the issue was caused by cameras wrongly identifying M as N.

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But the council believe Dave's number plate was cloned.

A Bristol City Council spokesperson said: “We have reviewed CCTV and the same number plate as Mr Benson’s van was picked up on a car using a Bristol bus lane.

"Therefore, it is possible the number plate has been cloned, which Mr Benson should report to police.

"We are cancelling all the fines that were issued to Mr. Benson."

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