I was fuming over selfish drivers parking outside my house so I took matters into my own hands – but not everyone agrees | The Sun

A MUM who was left fuming over selfish drivers parking outside her house decided to take action – but viewers are divided.

Posting on TikTok, the mum uploaded the footage explaining her situation.

The video starts off with the TikToker explaining exactly how "petty" she was after claiming to have received a note telling her "not to park up here".

She said: "When I first moved into my house there was an old lady who lived here before and she didn't have a car so the neighbours had come to an agreement where they parked outside her house."

And the mum says that the first thing she was asked when moving into her new abode was whether she had a car.

The TikToker goes on to explain that she told her neighbours that she did have a car and would be needing the space directly outside her house as she had a newborn at the time.

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But she claims that she came home one day when it was pouring with rain to see the space occupied.

She said: "I was made to park miles down the street, carrying my food shopping and my newborn.

"One night I came home and nobody was parked in my space. I went a bit rogue and I made my own baby and parking space."

The tradie wife then goes on to show her handiwork of what appears to be a chalk drawing of a pregnant lady and a child in a buggy.

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"Safe to say no one has parked outside my house since," said the TikToker triumphantly.

Her video went viral among users and has now raked in over 500,000 views.

As always, TikTokers were quick to weigh in on the situation and voice their opinion.

A user commented: "I remember my neighbours always parked directly outside our house even tho they had a driveway, so my dad parked on their drive, waste not want not."

And a second TikToker empathised with her struggle, saying : "I live on a terraced street, I could literally start a war over parking!"

But others disagreed with the way she dealt with things and said that it wasn't her space legally.

One said: "You don't own that bit of road outside your house."

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While another commented: "First come, first served on my street."

"People can park where they like as long as it's legal," pointed out a third.

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