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A DRIVER who swapped their BMW for a Tesla is not happy and says owning one of the US-made electric cars is ‘not as great as the Tesla fanboys will have you believe’.

The man took to chat forum Reddit and revealed that, following major problems with the delivery of his Tesla Model 3, he now feels that his new EV doesn’t compare to the quality of his previous BMW car.

Posting a huge list of pros and (mostly) cons, the Redditor said: “I've been driving my Tesla for the past 3 weeks, and I still kind of regret it.

The area which came in for the biggest criticism was the Model 3’s safety features.

Commenting on the r/electricvehicles thread, the man said: “The lack of a blind spot indicator is so appalling that in my opinion it should be illegal.

“The side mirrors are s*** – The lip that faces you blocks some of the mirror no matter how I adjust my position and also in the rain it has issues.


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“The automatic windshield wipers are also s*** – ​I'm not sure if they would even run during a hurricane.

The man’s frustration didn’t end there, as he continued to pull his new electric purchase to pieces:

“The app is s*** and slow. I much rather have a key fob. It lags and takes a moment or two to connect to the car each time.

“Obviously I think the customer service sucks, and the Tesla cult is annoying – I'm scared of being lumped with them

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At the end of his post, the man did offer a little more balance, saying: “All in all the car is good, but it's not as great as the Tesla fanboys will have you believe. 

“Driving it makes you feel like the early days of having an iPhone… For a car that retails for over $50,000, a lot of times it feels like a car that really should be closer to $40,000, if not less.

A lot of people in the comments section appeared to agree with the post.

One said: “My only regret in 2020 was buying the car and not the stock.

Another said: “This honestly might be the best car review I've ever read.

While another reddit user asked the poster a question: 

“Would you consider a BMW i4 instead? To which the man replied: “Will be my next car.”

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