I ruined my boyfriend's alloy wheel against a kerb but managed to save it and our relationship with a £2 hack | The Sun

A WOMAN who damaged her boyfriend's alloy wheel against a curb managed to repair it with a £2 hack.

The simple trick saved their relationship and the video explaining the hack has gone viral on TikTok.

New Zealander Georgette Pollock, who is a fashion stylist, repaired the scuff marks on her boyfriend's alloy with nail polish.

Georgette started the video saying: "If you borrowed your boyfriend's car and drove it into a f***ing kerb, this video is for you."

She starts by cleaning the wheels with a cloth and then paints them with cheap nail polish.

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"It's really important you take your time because remember your relationship is on the line here.

"Nice, even brush strokes up and down, looking good," she explained.

"Finish up those kerbs and then clean the whole wheel because he's going to notice that bits of his wheel are cleaned where your kerbs were.

"This is key for not losing your boyfriend," she added.

Once the first coat has dried, she adds more nail polish to fill the areas of the rim that are more badly dented.


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At the end of the video, she says: "Voila. Beautiful, cleaned wheel and you get to keep your boyfriend. You can thank me later."

A few people weren't convinced, saying: "If he is a car guy, he will notice it and will be even madder for not telling him and not giving him the chance to get fixed properly."

But other TikTok users found ituseful: "Good thing, I am single but good trick on my own car."

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