I hit the world’s worst pothole that busted my wheels – and I’m not the only one | The Sun

A FURIOUS motorist believes they may have discovered the "world’s worst pothole" after twelve cars became stranded on the same stretch of road.

Shocking images taken from one driver on Instagram shows the stricken vehicles lined up on a sodden road in Melbourne, Australia after they all fell victim to the same hole.  

The angry driver captioned the image: “Just outside Seymour, 12 cars, all hit the same pothole, all done front and back tyres."

According to local reports, many of the drivers had been stuck for hours after their vehicles became damaged by the pothole.

One unlucky driver who busted his tyres, Varmodh Shardh, explained that he hadn’t seen the deep pit because it was still dark – and it turns out he wasn’t the only one.

“When we pulled up, there were another 10, 15 cars parked along here with lights flashing,” he said.

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“We now can’t get hold of any tow truck or anybody. We’ve been here three hours.”

After the story emerged on Thursday, many commenters soon pointed the finger of blame at the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, for letting the potholes go unfixed.  

One, referring to the premier’s campaign to modify level crossings, wrote: “Thanks Dan! Maybe country roads should be a priority over removing boom gates."

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Another local said: “I have never seen so many potholes and pieces of road missing and so so much water!."

While a third added: “Victorian roads are actually the worst I've experienced in all of Australia, possibly the world.”

The Daily Star report that Mr Andrew has since promised new funding for rapid repairs after he was briefed about the road damage following the backlash.

But in a statement he failed to address how much he would be allocated, despite insisting that “money would not be an issue."

Suggesting that severe weather had affected the progress on road repairs he said: “You get into this situation where you put the bitumen down and without the proper dry weather for it to cure traffic over it just rips it up again.

“That’s been the only limiting factor to get more and more of those potholes fixed. Not money, not will, it’s been all about weather. And of course, that will still be a factor.”

According to Dr Tim Martin from the Australian Road Research Board, floods often caused severe damage to roads such as potholes and drainage issues.

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Currently, weather warnings are in place across Victoria and Tasmania due to heavy rain, flooding and damaging winds.

The state of Victoria has been told to prepare for a once in 50-year flooding event after parts of the state’s north recorded over 100 millimetres of rain overnight on Wednesday.

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