I get my car windows smear-free in seconds thanks to a £1.99 buy – it’s the industry’s biggest secret | The Sun

A CAR detailing expert how he gets his windows smear-free using an "industry secret" £1.99 item.

Dave, from Epic Automotive Detailing, explained how to get "perfect glass on your motor with an easy hack.

Speaking on his YouTube channel, he said: "There is a simple and effective way of getting perfect glass.

"Believe it or not, it doesn't involve using any chemicals whatsoever."

He went on to unveil a "proven method" that he has used to leave cars sparkling for 15 years.

All you need is a bucket of warm water, a towel and a synthetic leather cloth.



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Dave explained: "What I love about [synthetic leathers] is their ability to hold large amounts of water.

"Because they have the potential to hold a lot of water, they also have the potential to take a lot of grease and grime off the car.

"That's what makes these effective when it comes to glass cleaning."

First, make sure to give the car a thorough wash and dry before addressing the windows so that any excess dirt has been cleaned off the bodywork.

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Then dunk your leather in the water and ring it out slightly before folding it over on itself three times.

Once you've done that, Dave advises wiping the glass in a "criss-cross pattern" before ringing it out again and folding once more and repeating.

Follow that up by drying the pane with a "clean, fresh towel" and you should be left with pristine, streak-free windows.

Best of all, the synthetic leather can be found online for as little as £1.99.

Dave also provided some extra tips to help you reach every nook and cranny and get the best finish possible.

For example, roll your windows down slightly so you can clean the tops of the panes and avoid marks along the seam with the window frame.

Likewise, he urged motorists to pay particular attention to the inside of the glass as well.

According to Dave, the interior of a car contains more than 700 different forms of bacteria on average, so streaks and marks can often come from inside.

Social media commenters loved the helpful tricks.

One wrote: "Thanks for the tip. Cleaning the glass, especially the interior was always a chore.

"Bought the synthetic leather… and cleaned the glass tonight. Very happy with the results."

Another added: "I've been doing it this way over 10 years.

"Tried a few glass cleaners beforehand, some are OK but can highlight smears, especially when driving at night. This way is faultless."

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