I found a hidden method to get ANY song as your iPhone ringtone for free

IF YOU'VE got a favourite song that you'd like to play whenever someone calls you, then you're in luck.

Popular TikTok creator Scott Polderman highlighted how to set any song as your iPhone ringtone in a recent video posted to his 800,000 followers.

It's a neat trick for making your own free ringtones without having to download a new app or audio files.

One thing to note before we begin: You'll need the track in question to be in your Apple Music library before you begin.

To start, open Garage Band – an app that comes loaded on all iOS devices that lets you create music or podcasts.

Once that's launched tap the icon in the top right of your display (a microphone with a plus sign over it). Note: You will need to be holding your phone horizontal.

In the bar at the top of your screen, tap the third icon from the left. It looks like a series of thick lines that form a square.

On the page that opens, tap the button second from the top right. It looks like a loop the loop on a Scalextric track.

Tap Music > Songs and scroll down to the track you want as your ringtone.

Tap and hold that track to place it into your Garage Band project. Select the part of the song you want as your tone by pinching the file.

Next, hit the down arrow in the top left of your screen and tap "My Song" to store it in a Garage Band folder of that name.

Now you have your custom ringtone saved on your iPhone! The next step is to set it as your ringtone.

To do that, hold down on the file and tap Share > Ringtone > Continue > Export.

To access your ringtones, open your iPhone settings app and tap "Sounds and haptics".

Tap "Ringtone" > "My Song". Voila, your chosen track is now your very own custom ringtone.

In order to use a track for the trick, it will need to be stored locally on your iPhone. You can find out how to do that on Apple's website, here.

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