Hunter Biden's Wife Melissa Is Pregnant Less Than a Year After Whirlwind Wedding

Former Vice President Joe Biden‘s son Hunter Biden is expecting a child with his wife, Melissa Cohen, whom he married last year after a whirlwind relationship of only a few days.

The New York Times reported Cohen’s pregnancy in the middle of a larger piece published Friday about Hunter’s painting work, which he has taken up in Los Angeles as a kind of coping mechanism after years of personal difficulties including an ongoing child support lawsuit.

His art “is literally keeping me sane,” Hunter, 50, told the Times. “For years I wouldn’t call myself an artist. Now I feel comfortable saying it.”

In the last year, since his father launched a presidential campaign, Hunter has found himself in a harsh spotlight. Conservatives circulated unfounded claims about his work in Ukraine, which was then at the center of President Donald Trump’s impeachment scandal.

Hunter was also sued by a woman in Arkansas after they had a child together in 2018 and he ignored the baby and did not pay child support, she said in court papers.

He also denied being the father, but a paternity test proved otherwise.

Cohen, a South Africa native and 30-something documentarian, wed Hunter in May on the roof of her L.A. apartment last year. They exchanged “the simplest gold wedding bands he could find,” and afterward they called his dad.

The time between first date and proposal? Not even a week.

The details of their romance were confirmed for the first time in a candid New Yorker profile published in July.

Within days of meeting Cohen in L.A., Hunter got a tattoo on his left bicep (the word “shalom” in Hebrew) to match hers, he told The New Yorker recently.

In June, he gave one of his interviews to the magazine with her at his side on the roof where they married using a marriage service, a day after he proposed on May 15. (She said yes the next morning.)

“She seems very happy,” Cohen’s father told Page Six last summer. “I’ve only spoken to Hunter briefly. She’s a very special girl. She has lots of poise and she’s very present.”

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