Huma Abedin admits she ignored Hillary Clinton's calls on Anthony Weiner

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Huma Abedin revealed that she ignored then Sen. Hillary Clinton’s calls regarding what to do about her scandalous husband Anthony Weiner.

On Sunday, the former Clinton aide spoke with “CBS Sunday Morning” to discuss her upcoming memoir “Both/And: A Life in Many Words.” The book reportedly covers her life growing up as an American raised in a Muslim environment in Saudi Arabia as well as the scandal surrounding the former congressman.

In 2011, Weiner was forced to resign from the House of Representatives after a racy photo of himself in his boxer brief was posted on his Twitter account with about 40,000 followers.

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin attend a news conference in New York, U.S. on July 23, 2013. REUTERS/Eric Thayer/File Photo

In 2013, after Weiner announced his candidacy for mayor, a website published screenshots of several alleged conversations Weiner had with another woman along with explicit photos.

One excerpt read: “Whatever personal pain and betrayal I felt, I instinctively set aside. I didn’t break down in tears or collapse on the sofa. The first thing out of my mouth wasn’t ‘How could you do this to me?’ or ‘I thought that you loved me.’ The first thing I said was, ‘You mean you’ve been lying to the whole world for a week?? Anthony, you have people counting on you. You owe them the truth!’ ‘I know,’ he said. ‘I have to go back and deal with the consequences.’”

Though Weiner admitted to sexting another girl, Abedin stood by her then-husband’s side at the admission.

“What I want to say is I love him, I have forgiven him, I believe in him, and as I have said from the beginning, we are moving forward,” Abedin said.

Huma Abedin arrives at the premiere for the Showtime TV series "The Loudest Voice" in New York, U.S., June 24, 2019. REUTERS/Gabriela Bhaskar

In her interview with CBS, however, she admitted that several people called her to advise her against appearing with Weiner.

“Everyone was calling me and saying – people who loved me – were calling me and saying, ‘Don’t do this.'” Abedin said.

She also admitted that Hillary Clinton was one of the people who would have likely advised against it.

“I think if I had talked to Hillary or my mother or anybody in my family, they would’ve advised me against doing it,” Abedin said.

“I didn’t take their calls.”

This reaction contrasted Hillary Clinton’s behavior during her own husband’s scandal after Monica Lewinsky famously had an affair with then-President Bill Clinton.

Huma Abedin arrives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala (Met Gala) to celebrate the opening of "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" in the Manhattan borough of New York, U.S., May 7, 2018. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Despite this, Abedin later separated from Weiner in 2016 shortly before the FBI and New York Police announced an investigation into Weiner for sending lewd messages to an underage girl. In 2017, he eventually pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 21 months in prison. 

Fox News’ Joseph A. Wulfsohn contributed to this report. 

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