Howard Stern Nails Trump’s Problem: ‘Doesn’t Give One S**t About Public Service’

Howard Stern ripped into President Donald Trump for bragging about the TV ratings of his news conferences during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Trump on Sunday fired off multiple tweets boasting that his coronavirus briefings are a “ratings hit,” with audience levels typically seen for a “Bachelor” season finale.

Stern wasn’t having it. 

“It’s not your incredible reality TV show that you’re putting on for the country,” he said, according to The Hill. “It’s because we’re in crisis and we’re tuning in to see what the president has to say. We’re looking for leadership, motherfuckers!”

The SiriusXM radio host also blasted Trump’s constant praise for himself. 

“As far as Donald’s concerned, Donald thinks he’s the best president there ever was,” he said. “I can honestly tell you that Donald doesn’t give one shit about public service.”

The self-styled “King of All Media” has in the past said he was once friends with Trump, who was a frequent guest on his show ever the years. However, Stern endorsed and voted for Trump’s Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton.

Stern said last year that he tried to get Clinton on his show in 2016, but she declined ― and that refusal, he believes, may have cost her the election. 

“There were a million questions I could have asked her that I think would have humanized her,” he told Stephen Colbert. 

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