How to let more light in your home – the 5 steps

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As we head into the spring and summer months, we want to make the most of the sunshine and increase the amount of natural sunlight that filters into our homes. Who wouldn’t want a home that feels brighter and lighter. From keeping windows clean and streak-free to strategically hanging up mirrors, chatted to the home interior experts at Hillarys to find out how to let more light into your home.

Strategically angle your furniture

It can be hard getting light into darker rooms especially, so it’s certainly worth trying to play with the light that you do have instead but playing around with furniture.

The experts said: “You can do this by simply arranging your furniture near light sources to allow ample brightness.

“Or, you can angle your furniture towards the light so that it reflects off of it and fills the room with a little more.”

Don’t forget the gardening

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get your garden ready for the hotter months ahead.

This will also, strangely, help to bring more light into your home.

The experts said: “Get rid of any overgrown trees or shrubs that are depriving your home of sunlight.

“Take time to trim down bushes and hedges, in order to ensure you have a good flow of sunlight into your property.”

Hang up mirrors

Mirrors will reflect the glimmers of light back into the room, boosting the daylight we get.

The experts advised: “ It’s best to hang the largest mirror directly opposite the largest window in the room.

“Then, strategically place some smaller mirrors around the space to help the light flow.”

Roller and pleated blinds

If you’re lucky enough to have bay windows, which increase the flow of natural light into your home anyway, emphasise them.

The experts suggested: “Dress them with lightweight rollers or sheer pleated blinds to allow more sunlight to gently filter into your room.

“Roller blinds in a sheer fabric are a good choice as they also offer enhanced levels of daytime privacy while still allowing lovely diffuse sunlight to fill a room.”

Keep windows clean

This might seem like an obvious one, but cleaning your windows at least once every couple of months is essential to allow natural light in.

The unpredictability of British weather can cause dusty and dirty chaos on windows, so it can help to keep cleaning your windows on a regular basis.

In addition to this, the experts it is important to clean the inside of the windows too so that fingerprints and other dirty marks don’t smear the light.

They advised: “Create your own cleaning solution of water and white vinegar and apply with paper towels, this ensures there aren’t any annoying streaks left behind.”

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