How to add a Flipboard widget to your iPhone or Android device screen

  • When you add a Flipboard widget to your phone, you can see the latest news stories on your home or lock screen.
  • The process of adding a Flipboard widget is different for Android and iOS users, but both platforms can easily add a widget.
  • To add the Flipboard widget, you'll already need to have an account, and the app downloaded on your phone. 
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Flipboard is an online news and culture delivery platform that you can curate the news to your interests. 

You can customize your Flipboard experience by identifying the types of stories you want to be delivered to your phone across various news categories, including politics, arts, and health. 

While you can access all of this through the Flipboard app, setting up a Flipboard widget on your phone's screen means you can see the latest stories without ever opening it. 

The Flipboard widget works on both Android or iOS devices. The first step to getting it is to make sure you have downloaded the app and set up an account. If you don't already have a Flipboard account, you can sign up for Flipboard with email, Facebook, Google, and more to get the day's top headlines delivered straight to your phone. 

Once you've done that, here's how to add the widget to your phone. 

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How to add a Flipboard widget on Android

1. Tap a space on your home screen and hold down. 

2. Tap "Widget" from the options that appear on the screen.

3. Search until you find the Flipboard widget. Select it. 

4. Decide if you want the larger or smaller widget.

5. Now tap and hold the Flipboard widget you want and drag it to a free spot on the screen.

6. Once you've placed the widget, tap it to open Flipboard.  

How to add a Flipboard widget on iOS

1. On the iPhone (or iPad) home screen, swipe down to open Notifications.

2. Swipe left on your notifications screen until you see the screen with a Search Bar on top.  

3. Scroll down, then press "Edit."

4. Tap the plus (+) symbol beside it.

5. Press "Done." 


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