House selling tips: Five things potential buyers are looking for – ‘your time to shine’

Martin Roberts gives tips for getting on the property ladder

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Many people are looking for a bigger home due to working from home and spending more time inside. This has caused demand for properties to skyrocket, driving house prices upwards too. Despite demand for homes being high, the lack of properties on the market are meaning many are fighting for their dream home.

However, this puts sellers in a great position.

One expert has shared his top tips for sellers on what small changes homeowners could make to take advantage of the latest housing trends.

Sam Mitchell, CEO of online estate agent Strike, explained: “One thing is for certain, there are lots of buyers out there at the moment, you just need to make sure you know what they’re looking for.

“According to our poll of home movers, wanting a bigger home is the number one reason people are looking to move.

“To showcase to buyers what your home has to offer them, it might be a good idea to strap away some of your furniture in each room so they can understand how a space will work for them.

“This doesn’t mean you need to remove all furnishings but stripping back space so it looks minimal and tidy will give a buyer a chance to see the room to its full potential.”

With millions working from home permanently now, a home office has become a necessity rather than a luxury it once was.

Sam said: “In fact, research by Strike has shown that not having an office space has become a deal breaker for a quarter of prospective buyers.

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“Think about who your buyer is likely to be and what they will love for.

“Perhaps a spare bedroom you have could be dressed up as an office space for viewings so that buyers can see the potential of all space in your home.

“Or if you already have an office space, be sure to shout about it in your listing.”

Britons have also escaped to the countryside in the last two years, with many after more outdoor space to enjoy.

The expert continued: “Now we’re not suggesting you pick up your home and move it to the countryside if you’re city based, but for those that are in a rural location – this is your time to shine.

“Highlight the beautiful surroundings to buyers as much as possible, sharing images and information on what’s in close proximity to your property.

“Also make sure you highlight if it has good transport links to a city centre, boasting any nearby train or bus stations and providing estimated times.”

According to Spike research, four in ten say they are moving home in search of a bigger garden.

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Keeping the garden maintained can boost home sellers chances of securing a sale.

Sam said: “Prioritise any outside DIY and make sure your garden is looking its best, even raking leaves off the grass will instantly give the space a cleaner look.

“Kerb appeal is also important when looking to sell a home, as it gives the first impression of a home and its potential.

“Smartening up outside space might seem like a daunting task, but simple changes can make a big difference.”

There is also a strong desire for many to still do virtual viewings.

According to the expert, offering virtual viewings is only going to maximise the chances of a property sale.

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