Homes Under The Hammer’s Martin Roberts on how to increase house value by £30,000

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Speaking on GB News, Martin Roberts said buyers need to be “thinking outside the box”.

Martin explained: “What is really all about is to get people thinking outside the box.

“It is horrendous for young people trying to get a house, as we see prices on the property market escalate over our wildest dreams.

“They go up and they keep going up.

“And it’s a story that keeps repeating over the years.”

He advised buyers should consider other options in order to get better value for their money: “One of the thoughts is that one-bedroom or two-bedroom box in the east side of London or whenever it is may not be the most sensible thing to buy.

“And maybe rather than giving up Netflix and your Starbucks frappuccino, maybe we think about buying property not necessarily where we want to live.

“But use it as a root to generate what is a significant amount of deposit now.”

Martin said: “For example, you might buy a house for £60,000 or £70,000 – you still get those in various parts of the country – and as a first time buyer one of the things you want to have is time, energy, enthusiasm.

“So you do some simple work on it.

“You decorate it, you put in a new kitchen, you do stuff.

“It is possible and you add value to that property.

“And let’s say you spend £10,000 on it and then you got that £70,000 you invested on that property.

“Now you may be able to sell that for £95,000 or £100,000.

“And suddenly you got yourself a £25,000 – £30,000 pot that would have taken a lot of Netflix up,” he said.

A recent study by The Paint Shed also revealed that certain colours may cause potential buyers to put in a lower offer.

Not only exterior paint but also interior colours can help to sell a house for more money and more quickly.

Neutral and earth tones are the best bet.

Colours homeowners should avoid:


Neon Pink

Neon Yellow

Lime Green


Hot Pink

Electric Orange



Electric Blue

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