Hannity slams CNN's 'hard-hitting coverage' describing Biden as an 'early-to-bed type'

Hannity mocks CNN tweet describing Biden as an ‘early to bed type’

‘Hannity’ host sounds off on media’s ‘softball’ approach to Biden administration

Fox News host Sean Hannity accused mainstream media outlets Tuesday of “taking it easy” on President Biden after five years of “never-ending lies, smears, conspiracy theories, [and] breathless hysteria” that marked their coverage of former President Donald Trump.

Hannity focused his opening monologue on the media’s “embarrassing love affair with Joe Biden,” pointing to a series of headlines and tweets that he called “fluff pieces” of the kind of which were never afforded to Trump.

“Yesterday, CNN delivered this hard-hitting expose featuring Joe Biden’s preference for having a fire in the Oval Office fireplace, and get this, according to the report, ‘he sometimes adds a log himself to keep the fire going.’ Wow,” Hannity intoned sarcastically.

A CNN tweet referencing the article headlined “Inside the new President’s routine: Oval Office fires and early bedtimes,” detailed that the 46th president is an “early-to-bed type.”

“No surprise there,” Hannity said.

The host later cited a Newsweek story headlined, “Joe Biden, Playing as Luigi, Wins in Mario Kart Race Against Granddaughter at Camp David.”

” Now, there’s nothing wrong with a few fluff pieces about the president and his family,” Hannity said, “but I don’t recall this ever happening under Donald Trump. Instead, the media attacked. The mob … spewed [a] never-ending, a steady stream of obsessive psychotic rage and hatred against Donald Trump, against his entire family, and against all of his supporters for five-plus years.”

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