Greg Gutfeld: Democrat men think they can do whatever they want because they tick boxes of liberalism

Gutfeld on the return of Jeffrey Toobin

‘Gutfeld!’ panel discuss CNN’s handling of Jeffrey Toobin following zoom scandal

So, what’s with Democrats and perverts? Sorry – I’m being redundant.

The week began with Hunter Biden – a Democrat and practicing deviant– having his racist texts exposed. Of course, our moral betters in the media don’t care. Cuz if they did they have to admit to burying the laptop story like a squirrel with a nut made of cocaine. All to help Joe win. So how’s that not the biggest scandal?

But I hear the Toobs learned his lesson. From now on he’ll only be masturbating in person. Look, Toobin’s mea culpa certainly was cringe-worthy, but maybe it could start a new trend for CNN. A weekly apology for errant anchors. I can see it now.

Fake CNN skit: Anchor 1:  Thank you for coming today. // Anchor 2: It’s good to finally be here. // Anchor 1: So, just to recap. You were assigned a story to cover. And you interviewed both sides of the issue. // Anchor 2: That’s correct. // Anchor 1: And you used verifiable, named sources, instead of anonymous ones, and fact-checked all of their quotes. // Anchor 2: Yes, that much is true. // Anchor 1: And then you presented the piece in a fair and balanced manner, and forbade any of your personal biases from clouding the story. // Anchor 2: That is correct. // Anchor 1: Never ever do that again. // Anchor 2: I am so sorry. // Anchor 1: This is CNN!!

So – what a freak show – and they’re all Dems. Imagine if they weren’t. You think any of them would be around right now. Of course not. They would disappear faster than parmesan cheese on Hunter Biden’s carpet.

Bottom line – Democrat men think they can do whatever they want because they tick the boxes of liberalism. Drive off a bridge and drown your date? No biggie. He’s pro-abortion. Bill Clinton was the patron saint of the pig pass: as long as you kneel before the lefty causes, you can get an intern to kneel before you. And get great discounts at the dry cleaners.  

And so – if you believe in reincarnation – let’s hope we all come back as Democrats. Then no one is safe, making us all equally awful.

This article is adapted from Greg Gutfeld’s opening monologue on the June 11, 2021 edition of “Gutfeld!”

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