Fox Corporation donates $1 million to American Red Cross for relief, recovery efforts after deadly tornadoes

FOX Corporation donating $1 million to tornado relief efforts

Brad Kieserman, American Red Cross VP of disaster operations and logistics, discusses recovery efforts and accepts the FOX donation.

FOX Corporation announced Thursday it would donate $1 million to the American Red Cross in support of relief efforts following deadly tornadoes in the South and Midwest that left a trail of devastation to affected families and communities.

“I am proud to announce that our company, Fox Corp., is now donating to The American Red Cross $1 million to help with the efforts and the relief efforts and the rescue and recovery in that region,” host Steve Doocy told American Red Cross official Brad Kieserman on “Fox & Friends.”

Kieserman said the Red Cross is “incredibly grateful for FOX’s generosity” as the donation comes at a critical time for victims to have safe places to stay, emotional support and other resources the Red Cross is on the ground providing. 

“Those dollars are going to help people in Kentucky recover,” he said. “There is over 550 people in shelters this morning. They’re displaced from their homes, there are others living in homes that got tarps on them, that’s the only thing protecting them. Thanks to your generosity, and that of so many other donors, we’re going to be sheltering, feeding and comforting folks from all over Kentucky. So thanks to you and FOX very, very much.” 

A man walks by a house destroyed by tornadoes in Mayfield, Kentucky.
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Doocy then urged any viewers who would also like to help or donate to visit

Kieserman compared the deadly tornadoes to a “giant walking from Arkansas to Bowling Green, across Western Kentucky, and just crushing everything” in his path. 

“We’ve got over 350 Red Cross volunteers on the ground in Kentucky right now, and they’ve come from all over the country to help their neighbors and friends in Kentucky,” Kieserman said. “It’s going to be a long, long haul.” 

Mayfield, Kentucky following deadly tornadoes in the South and Midwest that left a trail of devastation to affected families and communities.
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FOX Weather meteorologists Jason Frazier and Britta Merwin joined “Fox & Friends” on Thursday morning to discuss the tragedy’s devastating impact.

Beginning last Friday evening, a strong storm line swept across states in the mid-South, including Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee. The storm initially developed around Little Rock and made its way into Kentucky, displacing thousands of people and knocking out power. 

At least 64 are confirmed dead in western Kentucky, where more deaths are expected to be reported. At least six were killed at an Amazon factory in Illinois, and three were killed in Tennessee. At least one person died after catastrophic damage at a nursing home in Arkansas.

The full extent of the damage and the death toll remains to be seen as crews are still searching for survivors at multiple sites.

FOX Weather’s Emilee Speck contributed to this report. 

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