Former CDC director says you can freely enjoy holidays if you're vaccinated

Former CDC director says if you want to freely enjoy holidays – get vaccinated

Former CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden says those who are fully vaccinated against COVID can freely enjoy holiday gatherings

Former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Tom Frieden said coronavirus vaccinations are the “route to freedom” on “Fox News Sunday.” Frieden suggested if people want to freely enjoy holiday gatherings, then they should get vaccinated.

DR. TOM FRIEDEN: The bottom line here is that vaccination is our best route to freedom and independence…

If you look around the U.S., what you see is in states that have most people vaccinated, 70%… 20 states have reached that, very low rates of COVID and decreasing. In contrast, in the states where we have lower vaccination rates, many of them have much higher [COVID] rates, five, 10, 20 times higher rates than those lower states. And those rates are increasing because of the Delta variant, which is much more infectious. 

We don’t yet know whether it’s more deadly case per case, but we do have good evidence that our vaccines work to protect us against Delta. 

So you want to be free, independent, enjoy this and future holidays, get vaccinated.


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