Ferrari's weirdest car, the 1962 Breadvan, now has a one-of-a-kind modern tribute — see the Breadvan Hommage

  • The 1962 one-off Breadvan was one of the most bizarre cars ever made by Ferrari.
  • The new Breadvan Hommage by Niels van Roij Design is a tribute to the original.
  • Only one Breadvan Hommage exists because it was specially commissioned by a customer.
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Without a doubt, the 1962 Ferrari Breadvan was the weirdest thing ever to come from the Italian automaker. Ferrari only ever made one of them. Most recently, though, Dutch car design company Niels van Roij Design created a one-off tribute to the Breadvan from a modern Ferrari.

Meet the Niels van Roij Design Breadvan Hommage. Based on a Ferrari 550 Maranello donor car, van Roij gave it unique headlights and exhausts. The body was then hand-beaten and the interior was handmade.

Since the Breadvan Hommage was designed and built for a single customer, no price accompanied the emailed press release Niels van Roij Design provided on Wednesday. Read on to see the rest of the car.

The Breadvan Hommage is a one-off tribute by Dutch automotive design firm Niels van Roij Design to the 1962 Ferrari Breadvan.

Ferrari only ever made one Breadvan and it was based on a 250 GT SWB.

The car was given a shooting brake rear design for improved aerodynamics in racing.

The Hommage version also has that familiar shooting-brake rear end.

It uses a Ferrari 550 Maranello as a donor car.

Source: The Drive

And kept its awesome gated manual transmission shifter.

Niels van Roij Design gave the car custom exhausts.

The Breadvan Hommage started out as a series of ideation sketches.

Then the company rendered the final sketch.

That rendering was then turned into a clay model to further help with the visualization process.

The car's body was hand-beaten by a coachbuilder named Bas van Roomen.

He was also involved in the clay model process.

The suspension system was supplied by a performance suspension company called Koni.

The interior of the Breadvan Hommage is handmade and completely bespoke.

The interior is upholstered in blue Alcantara and quilted black leather.

The clock reads "Che importa," which is apparently Italian for "Who cares!"

Niels van Roij, the Breadvan Hommage's designer, calls it "a new original."

Van Roij is also the designer behind a few other projects.

There's the Niels van Roij Design Adventum Coupe.

And you'll remember the Model SB.

Source: Insider

As well as the Silver Spectre Shooting Brake.

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No pricing was announced, as the Breadvan Hommage was designed and created for a single customer.

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